About Ubuntu Youth Leadership Centre, UYLC

Founded by 2 childhood friends who were orphaned at a very young age and faced extreme poverty, hunger and lacked all the basic need (school fees, clothing, health care & parental love). UYLC was born out of compassion to support any young person that could be experiencing the same.

UYLC was put into existence to facilitate the development of youth potential by equipping them with leadership skills for an impactful contribution to self and society transformation. All our effort is to nourish the vulnerable young minds to grow holistically, empowered with confidence, tenacity, resilience and focused ambition to sustainably take on the increasingly volatile & uncertain future.

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UYLC Executive members awarding certificates of scholarship to talented students from humble backgrounds.

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Future Leaders Scholarship Program

Ubuntu Youth Leadership Centre provides educational support to orphaned, academically talented students.
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Young Leaders Mentorship Program

At Ubuntu Youth leadership Centre, we strongly believe that senior leaders can’t just sit back and wait for new leaders to arrive...
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Young Leaders Training Program

Our leadership courses are tailored to the needs of young people and the stage they have reached in their lives.
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Annual Young Leaders Conference

Young leaders from around the country come together to tackle national & global issues, sharpen their leadership skills and share...
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