Annual Young Leaders Conference

UYLC offers an exceptional experience of a life time. Young leaders from around the country shall come together to tackle national & global issues, sharpen their leadership skills and share their experiences and contributions in their different fields.  An excellent opportunity for young leaders who aspire to face challenges, push the limits, stretch their abilities and get ahead.

We aim to hone the leadership skills of the best, most intelligent and energetic young leaders to prepare them to take leadership positions in their local communities, national and international stage.
The conference is an opportunity for the future leaders inclined to business, politics, academia and civil society to interact and establish strong networks through workshops, debates, cultural activities and various other activities

Our purpose is to bring together the best of young minds in all fields, enlighten them of their potential and role in the world and show them how to interconnect and actively participate in addressing national and global challenges. 

The next year’s conference will be held in October 2020