Joshua Kamugabirwe – Profile

Orphaned at age 5, Joshua’s survival looked bleak:  A last born of 9 children, his only hope for support was the good will of relatives, friends and the immediate community.

At this tender age, Joshua was taken 30 km away from his home in Mbarara district, to live with an elderly lady, a good Samaritan who lived 5 km from a good Junior school in present day Sheema District, in order to access decent education.

Shortly after, his maternal aunt chose to adopt him, hence his 300 km rural-urban trek from Mbarara to Kampala and eventual entry into the affluent Budo Junior School. This was a classical transformation that was made possible by the mercy and kindness of his new parents. Who not only paid his school fees but gave all that a truly biological loving parent could do

Through hard work and self-awareness, Joshua successfully navigated primary and high school, school and joined university to study Economics on government sponsorship. Today, he heads an international communications agency in East Africa and holds a master’s degree in Economic policy and management.

In his adult life, Joshua has not forgotten his roots, hence the decision to work with a friend and old boy with whom they share a history to found the Ubuntu Youth Leadership Centre (UYLC). Through UYLC, he has a passion to groom, inspire, motivate and support future leaders, and nurture their success irrespective of socio-economic background.