Dr. Willington Amutuhaire – Profile

Dr. Willington Amutuhaire

Executive Directors & Founder

Willington Amutuhaire was born in a very poor family and his parents owned 4 cows where they got Milk to live on. His father died when Willington was 10 years after a prolonged illness. Willington & his five siblings and their mother were left in total darkness, in a mud & wattle house, without food, clothing and no source of any income, their four cows were all sold to pay hospital bills to treat their ailing father.

After the death of their father, it was a disaster waiting to happened but the community took care of them & their sick mother. Today Willington, his brothers and their mother are a living testimony that a united & loving community can raise orphaned impoverished children into useful human beings.

The community took Willington’s’ family unfortunate situation as their core & passionate responsibility. The community their mother to the hospital for further treatment, constructed  a semi-permanent house for them to live in, contributed school fees to take them to  local church school & gave them all the emotional & psychosocial support.

Furthermore the community members took it upon themselves to teach Willington and his brother the value of hard work, respect, and discipline & never to shame their family & their community. These teachings were taken as the guiding principles of life for Willington & his siblings

Despite attending the worst schools, Willington always worked so hard & emerged on top of his class. He was awarded a sub-county scholarship for his high school education, a district scholarship for his college education and the national scholarship to study a medical degree at the prestigious Makerere University College of Health Sciences where he emerged on top of his class an won a research fellowship at Mass General Hospital Harvard Medical School in HIV related metabolic Derangements.

Willington was awarded a commonwealth scholarship to study a master’s in Public Health at LSHTM & LSE and was also awarded a prestigious International leadership exchange fellowship by the US. Department of State

Currently Willington is Member of Kampala Capital City Authority as a lord councillor representing, Uganda Medical association, He is a climate change ambassador for KCCA appointed by the Lord Mayor and he is a Project Manager, Inter-Bureau Coalition, a consortium that brings all faith based organisations ( Bureaus) in Uganda together to accelerate HIV epidemic control in Uganda & also a Board Member of Ashinaga Uganda, a Japanese organisation that supports vulnerable children

It is this through such challenges that Willington appreciated the value of other people in any person’s life most especially when one is vulnerable, disadvantaged & in dire need. It is this journey that Willington learnt that every little investment to the sick, to the needy, to the hungry can make a significant difference.

It is this Journey that inspired Willington to start Ubuntu Youth leadership centre and tapped on his high school friend Joshua whom they share a story to combine efforts & lend a hand in the same way the community did to them.