Young Leaders Mentorship Program

At Ubuntu Youth leadership Centre, we strongly believe that senior leaders can’t just sit back and wait for new leaders to arrive, fully developed ready to takeover. Young people with leadership potential must be actively identified, nurtured and mentored to flourish.

We believe that leaving talent development to chance is dangerous for any organization, nation and the world. Mentorship is critically important for a seamless transition of leadership in business, politics and other sectors.

Our young leaders mentorship program creates an opportunity of linking the young people with leadership potential to our mentors who include chief executive officers (CEO) of top tier organisations in the country, Heads of government departments, business leaders and exceptional leaders in academia and civil society.

Our mentoring model is a five step model including

  1. Identifying leadership potential in the young people and their needs.
  2. Establishing a relationship between the mentor & the young person who shows promise.
  3. Developing they young leader through experiential learning(apprenticeship)
  4. Integrating the soft skills through interacting with the mentors associates and participating in mentors activities outside the office.
  5. Continuous coaching, mentoring and long lasting relationships between mentors & mentees

The intake is ongoing, for more information on the application process contact us on